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Introduction: Potato Cannon

Me my dad and my brother went to Home Depot and got PVC pipe and put together a potato cannon it shoots very far about 300ft

Step 1: Barrel

The barrel is a 1"1/2 by 5ft PVC pipe with the

Step 2: Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is basically a 3" by 3ft piece of PVC pipe with a screw cap on one end and a 3" to 1"1/2 reducer on the other

Step 3: Barrel Front

On the front of the barrel you should shave it down so it looks like this. Without it you could not fit the potato in and by that I mean it carves the potato to the right size.

Step 4: Sparker

The sparker is just a grill igniter

Step 5: Sparky Thing

My dad drilled a hole in the top then I fed the igniter wire through for some resin there was a little metal thing at the end and it could not fit in the combustion chamber so we sawed a part of it off then glued it in

Step 6: Connection

Step 7: Hair Spray

Hair spray is the stuff that explodes to shoot the potato to put it in you have to unscrew the cap on the back of the combustion chamber and spray it in ,DO NOT SPRAY ON SPARKER if you do it could rust



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    How much pressure on average (in psi) does this gun produce?

    So far the combustion has been working great for 2 years so it probably won't take it's toll for a long time
    And yes it does

    I have a question, does the combustion eventually take its toll on the potato gun?

    I'll have TO remember that

    I'll have yo remember that @Itsnotatumer

    Potato guns are a blast! I always used WD40 for mine - it helped lubricate sticky potatoes. I also made my combustion chamber out of 6" with a reducer down to 3" for maximum propulsion. Experiment with different fuels and chamber design. Mine went over 1,000 feet.