This is me and a buddy out testing my biggest potato cannon.

canned fishballs fits perfectly into the barrel so thats what we are using as ammo ..
with insane results! Its a monster of a potato cannon :)

more videos and info on : www.themonkeybase.com

<p>Link to original video here:</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/sdFK5eVmZ3o" width="500"></iframe></p>
whooaa!!! cool
Do an instructable man. I laughed at this. Brilliant.
I will probably do this project, and use my Three Stooges lighter for the heat source, now that I don't smoke any more. Plus, it seems oddly appropriate for this use.<br><br>Thanks for the instructable!<br>
If its metal you could use propane, you would have more than twice as much power, just need a stand.
I always said that with a large enough potato gun you could rule the world ... well I bow down before your superior potato delivery system!
whoh! Big recoil! you're lucky that you're not a kid, 'cause you would have flown back pretty well far and into a tree!&nbsp;
thats what happend with mine :D
OOOOOOOO I like big weapons!
im going to either stay well away from u or be best friends
you BROKE a TREE, with HAIRSPRAY and PIPES.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Awesome cannon btw<br />
OH GOD!...... i like it :D
Was that someone's -house- at the end?<br />
Ya, I was wondering about that too...<br />
&nbsp;i bet it'll blow a t rex head of
BAHAHAHAH&nbsp;THIS&nbsp;IS&nbsp;MESSED&nbsp;UP !!!!&nbsp;COOL&nbsp;THOUGH!<br />
Lol next make one that shoots Cinder Block's<br /> lol no just kidding it's already devastating, more and you can blow someones *insert random body part* off together with the rest of the body :D<br />
wow this is the best Potato Cannon i have seen ! AWESOME !!!!<br />
You should make a shoulder-fired mod, and make an 'ible. Nice work, man.<br />
<strong>LOL</strong>!!! the cabbage!! it literally threw him off balance! =O sweet.<br />
instructions.<br /> NOW.<br />
HAHAHA!&nbsp;WOW! That could DISMEMBER someone. Mount it on a tank as a turret and fire aluminum slugs since steel might be too heavy.<br />
Imidiately after i saw that, i thought you could load some explosive ordnance in there! Mount it on a truck as an anti-material rifle!&nbsp;
wow<br />
Dude that's friggin awsome!!
Dude, I'm pretty sure that thing WILL blow someones head off!
dude my gun will blow someone's head off - its a rather simple design too<br /> it depends on what you use to power it
oh my god i made one that shoots 2000 g ammo!
i made a spud gun the size of a large rifle that will launch 2000 g ammunition, at great distances. not that big of a feat.
this is sick<br />
good lord what did u use to make it. And hair spray will do THAT&nbsp;!!!!
lol the recoil is amazing! My friends and I did something similar with mortar fireworks in a pvc tube, but nothing close to that!
i like the vid with the incendiary roundes (:
Friggin' AMAZING! How much did that cost, and could you make an instructable on it? That could tear down a small home with the right ammo!
this could probably take out some small, propeller driven aircraft.... MOUNT IT ON A PLANE
O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love big weapons too!!!!!!XD
u should mount it like a turet
but then less mobile. i like the low carry
HOLY S#!<sup> MAN YOU HAVE SOME PROMBLEMS</sup><br/><br/>(i do love this though keep up the good work i want to see bigger and better form you and your friend)<br/>
I LOVE THIS GUN That shot where it hits the side of the building and you actually see the whole wall dent, PRICELESS
never mind that, lets make a steam powered one
I need to attach something like that to a mini moke for a post zombie apocalypse.
and I mean that in a nice way lmao
this is instructables.com not see my cannon.com something this cool needs to be duplicated so show us how or keep it to yourself : )
Where do you live???? Russia?!?!
damn that is big, I hope to make some that big one day...

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