video Potato Cannon Test of My Biggest Cannon Shooting 800g Ammo

This is me and a buddy out testing my biggest potato cannon.

canned fishballs fits perfectly into the barrel so thats what we are using as ammo ..
with insane results! Its a monster of a potato cannon :)

more videos and info on : www.themonkeybase.com

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AL 992 years ago
whooaa!!! cool
Do an instructable man. I laughed at this. Brilliant.
livefree4 years ago
I will probably do this project, and use my Three Stooges lighter for the heat source, now that I don't smoke any more. Plus, it seems oddly appropriate for this use.

Thanks for the instructable!
jj.inc4 years ago
If its metal you could use propane, you would have more than twice as much power, just need a stand.
hogey744 years ago
I always said that with a large enough potato gun you could rule the world ... well I bow down before your superior potato delivery system!
zascecs5 years ago
whoh! Big recoil! you're lucky that you're not a kid, 'cause you would have flown back pretty well far and into a tree! 
thats what happend with mine :D
popscott35 years ago
OOOOOOOO I like big weapons!
finmonster5 years ago
im going to either stay well away from u or be best friends
skelly74475 years ago

Awesome cannon btw
OH GOD!...... i like it :D
KahlZun5 years ago
Was that someone's -house- at the end?
Ya, I was wondering about that too...
yofortune5 years ago
ChAoZz5 years ago
Lol next make one that shoots Cinder Block's
lol no just kidding it's already devastating, more and you can blow someones *insert random body part* off together with the rest of the body :D
yusuf7865 years ago
wow this is the best Potato Cannon i have seen ! AWESOME !!!!
You should make a shoulder-fired mod, and make an 'ible. Nice work, man.
LOL!!! the cabbage!! it literally threw him off balance! =O sweet.
EnigmaMax5 years ago
HAHAHA! WOW! That could DISMEMBER someone. Mount it on a tank as a turret and fire aluminum slugs since steel might be too heavy.
Imidiately after i saw that, i thought you could load some explosive ordnance in there! Mount it on a truck as an anti-material rifle! 
joshwasser5 years ago
Dude that's friggin awsome!!
astrong06 years ago
oh my god i made one that shoots 2000 g ammo!
i made a spud gun the size of a large rifle that will launch 2000 g ammunition, at great distances. not that big of a feat.
ignasm5 years ago
this is sick
mr. clean5 years ago
good lord what did u use to make it. And hair spray will do THAT !!!!
MistaStokes5 years ago
lol the recoil is amazing! My friends and I did something similar with mortar fireworks in a pvc tube, but nothing close to that!
NIJU!6 years ago
i like the vid with the incendiary roundes (:
Friggin' AMAZING! How much did that cost, and could you make an instructable on it? That could tear down a small home with the right ammo!
CrazeexGood6 years ago
this could probably take out some small, propeller driven aircraft.... MOUNT IT ON A PLANE
voltagedude6 years ago
O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love big weapons too!!!!!!XD
milamber6 years ago
u should mount it like a turet
but then less mobile. i like the low carry
hg3416 years ago

(i do love this though keep up the good work i want to see bigger and better form you and your friend)
I LOVE THIS GUN That shot where it hits the side of the building and you actually see the whole wall dent, PRICELESS
luke6 years ago
GEAR6 years ago
never mind that, lets make a steam powered one
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