Potato Cannon Upgrade





Introduction: Potato Cannon Upgrade

In this instructable I will show u how to make a bolt action potato cannon barrel.

Step 1: Materials

hack saw

sharp knife

11cm screw

steel file (or other)

29 cm of 1.5" pipe

67 cm of 1.5" pipe

Step 2: The Mobile Part

Cut the pipe to adapt perfectly to the big pipe

Step 3: Cutting

Now cut the big pipe like this

Note: The first cut must be 2-3 cm shorter than second

Step 4: Drilling

Make a hole like screw diameter in the corner of the "L" cut.

Step 5: Projectile

Projectile will be ready soon ;) Any idea is welcomed......



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    That is the projectile?!?!! holy crap that is HUGE!!

    no that is a picture of an airsoft 40mm grenade

    Those airsoft grenades are frickin fun; Grenade launchers always are.

    They're also frickin expensive to get about 40$ plus a 150$ launcher  and un-reusable.

    no im pretty sure they are reusable.

    They way I would do this is by drilling a series of holes and then using a wood chisel to take out the rest of the waste. Don't forget that PVC pipe is relatively soft and woodworking tools can be used on it.

    i just used a jigsaw for all my pvc cutting needs

    First, I draw with a marker where the bolt and the chamber will be. Then I drilled each corner and then a series of holes. Good Luck ;)

    try typing in 25mm pheumatic sniper rifle for a clearer pictures and easier steps

    im almost done one of those