Potato Cannon Upgrade





Introduction: Potato Cannon Upgrade

In this instructable I will show u how to make a bolt action potato cannon barrel.

Step 1: Materials

hack saw

sharp knife

11cm screw

steel file (or other)

29 cm of 1.5" pipe

67 cm of 1.5" pipe

Step 2: The Mobile Part

Cut the pipe to adapt perfectly to the big pipe

Step 3: Cutting

Now cut the big pipe like this

Note: The first cut must be 2-3 cm shorter than second

Step 4: Drilling

Make a hole like screw diameter in the corner of the "L" cut.

Step 5: Projectile

Projectile will be ready soon ;) Any idea is welcomed......



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    no that is a picture of an airsoft 40mm grenade

    Those airsoft grenades are frickin fun; Grenade launchers always are.

    They're also frickin expensive to get about 40$ plus a 150$ launcher  and un-reusable.

    no im pretty sure they are reusable.

    They way I would do this is by drilling a series of holes and then using a wood chisel to take out the rest of the waste. Don't forget that PVC pipe is relatively soft and woodworking tools can be used on it.

    i just used a jigsaw for all my pvc cutting needs

    First, I draw with a marker where the bolt and the chamber will be. Then I drilled each corner and then a series of holes. Good Luck ;)

    try typing in 25mm pheumatic sniper rifle for a clearer pictures and easier steps

    1 reply

    im almost done one of those

    the pictures are a little blurry but its still cool

    1 reply

    I know, I will upload clear pictures soon

    Will it work with mashed potatoes?

    i made one configured alot like this a long time ago, except that it has a longer breech, a better handle, and instead of using cut pipes i used very close fitting ones, which means that it feels great, and is almost airtight, but unfortunately, i made it only as a prototype, and never actually integrated it into a spud gun, maybe i still will someday... il post an instructable if i do 8 )

    i dont understand step 2, how do you adapt the pipes?!?! its partially because i cant really see what the picture is telling me to do

    1 reply

    push that cut pipe into the big one. it must be perfectly in the big one.

    hmm its just me but im still not ready to try this mod yet since i dont want to mess up when making it cause the pics arent to great. besides that i would like to try it. i like the idea of making a spud gun bolt action

    does this actually work without blowing up in your face? cuz it looks really sweet!

    1 reply

    yup. it works :) 100% safe ;) the potato have no chance to go back in the combustion chamber because the screw is blocking the way ;) have a nice hunt :))

    hey do u have any videos or better resolution pics of this thing in action? pretty awesome idea but im not sure how it works? if u want something to put in it, just get a separate piece of pvc pipe the same size as ur barrel and cut spuds with that, will fit perfectly then u can put screws, nails, pingpong balls with alfoil, batteries or watever in the spud plugs.