Step 3: Fuse the layers of chip bags

Picture of Fuse the layers of chip bags
Fuse the bags by ironing. Lay (no pun intended) the potato chip bag on the ironing board and COVER it with the non-sticky Contact LINER (or wax paper). Set your iron on “wool” setting.  IRON the non-sticky Contact liner, with the bag underneath, back and forth, around and around slowly. (Be sure your iron does not directly contact (no pun....oh, nevermind) the chip bag or it will stick to your iron!)

Occasionally lift up liner and check to see if the 2 bag layers are fused completely – the layers should not be separable. There will be wrinkles, but that is part of the charm. Fuse the 2 small chip bags separately the same way.
FrRob2 years ago
What is happening if the shape of the bag is distorting? Is my iron too hot? I mainly had this problem with the large piece, after I folded it and tried fusing it again.
gwebisu (author)  FrRob2 years ago
Yes, don't let your iron get too hot. Medium heat is best. But, will it wrinkle and distort a bit regardless. Good luck.