Step 3: Fuse the Layers of Chip Bags

Fuse the bags by ironing. Lay (no pun intended) the potato chip bag on the ironing board and COVER it with the non-sticky Contact LINER (or wax paper). Set your iron on “wool” setting.  IRON the non-sticky Contact liner, with the bag underneath, back and forth, around and around slowly. (Be sure your iron does not directly contact (no pun....oh, nevermind) the chip bag or it will stick to your iron!)

Occasionally lift up liner and check to see if the 2 bag layers are fused completely – the layers should not be separable. There will be wrinkles, but that is part of the charm. Fuse the 2 small chip bags separately the same way.
<p>This is an awesome tutorial. Exactly what I need. I am making a cape out of Cheetos bags for my daughters comic-con costume. Therefore I think sewing is definitely in order. Do you recommend a specific type of thread, length of stitch, straight stitch? Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you!</p>
The chip bags are pretty easy to sew together . I used regular Polyester cotton thread and a # 11 or # 14 machine needle. You don't have to use the backing paper from the contact paper like I did. You can use parchment baking paper instead for ironing the bags to fuse them together. You could also use one layer of the bags instead of fusing two layers together if you want the cape to be thinner. I use small pieces of tape to hold the bags together while I sew. Good luck on your project !
Have you tried this with just one layer of chip bag, backed with duct tape? I tried the instructions I found for a duct tape wallet at another site, but used a chip bag I had backed. The result was really nice. It ended up looking like a mostly-chip-bag wallet with just a bit of duct-tape trim. If you want more info, lmk.
If you don't want to buy a roll of non-stick paper (you don't really need very much for this instructable), save your sandwich wrapper next time you hit McDonald's. The wrappers from hamburgers and breakfast sandwiches will work well for this (avoid ones that have had stickers, though, as with the &quot;Monopoly&quot; promotion). <br> <br>One more great reuse for what would otherwise be trash!
Good idea. There are easier choices than what I used--that roll of stuff i used was what I happened to have in my closet.
What is happening if the shape of the bag is distorting? Is my iron too hot? I mainly had this problem with the large piece, after I folded it and tried fusing it again.
Yes, don't let your iron get too hot. Medium heat is best. But, will it wrinkle and distort a bit regardless. Good luck.
This is awesome - I am definitely going to try this out. Why is wax paper not as good to use as the other paper for ironing?
I love this! Thanks for sharing! Question, why do you need to sew if you can just fuse the layers instead?
Hi! Actually, you are right, you could make the wallet no-sew and just fused together with the iron. The trick would be to iron a very narrow line that would fuse the edges of the pockets only, and not the entire pocket. Just be sure to fuse each pocket layer separately before attaching to the wallet back. The big advantage to sewing, though, are the side edges of the wallet that are very thick because of the multiple layers. Sewing holds the thick layers together<br> firmly, which I found difficult with just fusing. I do a lot of sewing, so it was easier f.or me that way. However, if you had a bad sealer, that might work. Thanks for your comments!
Oops, typo next-to-last line: I meant &quot;BAG&quot; sealer. :)
Instead of using the Contact Liner, use Freezer Paper or baking Parchment as a non-stick ironing sheet.
Good idea - thanks for telling us
Fun idea! <br />For a gift you could use chips that are only found in certain regions, then make them into wallets. I know Canada and the US have different chip varieties and showing a wallet in a flavour that we can't get here would be awesome!<br /><br />Step 1, eat lots of chips!
Great idea that I didn't think of! Next time I travel I will bring my empty chip bags home
Great new project- I want a Doritos Bag Wallet from you!
Eat the chips first - tough job, I know<br>

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