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Draw clarisha's and Ronalandos heads

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holliepop32 (author)2014-04-13

Sunstar4, if you want too u can draw the twins right now over break

sunstar4 (author)2014-04-11

Yep they will have twins!
We will try to make it as soon as possible!

holliepop32 (author)2014-04-10

Yep we're strange

holliepop32 (author)2014-04-10

Me and Sunstar4 discussed that Clairisha and Rolando are going to have the potato horse twins

dovestar7436 (author)2014-04-10

Where are the twins!

sunstar4 (author)2014-04-09

Ha ha

Jonny J (author)2014-04-09

True love will always find a way!

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Bio: Hi fans of the potato horses! After two years we're back! Stay tuned!
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