Every summer, my family and friends get together for a cookout and to watch fireworks. There are burgers on the grill, sodas on ice, and tons of chips.

The trouble is, I don't eat meat, and I get stuck trying to microwave something. I like Gardenburgers, but they are expensive, and the ones I find in the grocery store are tiny, so they don't fit well on a bun. I find soy burgers, like the ones from Boca, completely unpalatable. 

I decided to make my own vegetarian burgers. I had some specific criteria. The burgers need to have as few ingredients as possible, I must be able to make a bunch and freeze them, and they have to taste good with pickles. I do not want a meat-like burger, just something that can be thrown on the grill.

2 medium red potatoes
6 large crimini mushrooms
1 large egg
1 tablespoon of flax seed meal
2 tablespoons of steak sauce
1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke
vegetable oil

food processor or grater and knife
measuring cups and spoons
mixing bowl
mixing spoon/spatula
cheese cloth
parchment or freezer paper
zippered plastic bag or freezer safe storage container

This makes about four burgers.

Step 1: Potatoes and Mushrooms

Wash the potatoes and mushrooms thoroughly. Scrub the potatoes with a stiff-bristle vegetable brush. Clean the mushrooms with a wet soft cloth or a wet paper towel.

Shred one potato and three mushrooms. Mince the remaining potato and mushrooms.

Using the cheese cloth, squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Both potatoes and mushrooms have a lot of natural moisture, and this can make the burgers fall apart.

Put the shredded and minced potatoes and mushrooms in a large mixing bowl and mix them until they are evenly distributed.

<p>Yes, Boca burgers are gross... Yours sounds very good..</p>
Nice! I also find soy burgers unpalatable. Having fewer ingredients is also a plus, I've seen several cookbook recipes for meat-less burgers that have a ton of ingredients and take a long time to make that I can't be bothered.
Exactly why I did this. :D

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