Potato Scones

Try them you'll like them,
We often serve them with sausage,bacon and eggs,
as a breakfast dish.
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Step 1: Potatoes

Picture of Potatoes
Plant your potato crop about the end of March.
They should be ready to harvest around the end of August.
Or you could buy some from a shop.

Step 2: Cut 'n'Cook

Picture of Cut 'n'Cook
Peel cut and boil your potatoes,
add some salt.

Step 3: The Mix

Picture of The Mix
You will need 1/2 lb of potatoes
1 Cup plain flour
2 oz butter
1/4 tsp salt
plus 1/2 oz butter for frying.

Step 4: Dough

Picture of Dough
Mash the potato butter and salt, then add the flour in slowly to make sure it's mixed in
without any lumps.
Roll out the dough on to a floured board.
I just flattened it to about 1/4 inch circle.

Step 5: Cook Up

Picture of Cook Up
Add a smear of butter to a heavy based pan.
Cook them on both sides for about 8 minutes.
GitarGr81 year ago
Not sure I would call this a scone, as that implies a baked cake or quick bread. Maybe "potato pancake" would be a more appropriate name. Either way, looks yummy, will definitely be trying a variation of this sometime soon.
floppyjoe (author)  GitarGr81 year ago
Hi Gitargr8
Here in Scotland they have been called Tattie Scones for a couple of centuries,
Next up is a dropped scone cooked in the same way, both were traditionally cooked on an iron" girdle" or as the rest of the world call it a griddle. they look just like a fat pancake. So stay tuned coming soon.
I will try your recipe. Yes,they were called scones in Scotland where I was a boy.
My Mum or Dad always cooked them in bacon fat. Yum.
I thought potato pancake when I saw the picture, but I'll side with the author, he's in "the know". Whatever they call them wherever you live, they look delicious! Thanks!