Picture of Potato Scones
Tottie scones, or Tattie scones, depending on where in Scotland you're from, are a delicious breakfast item, typically eaten as part of a fried breakfast or on a morning roll.

The Irish have something practically similar called 'potato farls'.

For the most part, you'll find them either in the form of a square or triangular wedge. Most tend to buy them as they're readily available for pennies.

But as a Scot living away from "home", I've had to recreate many dishes that I once took for granted.



Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:
Serves 2-4
Prep Time: 25-30 mins
Cooking Time: 20-30 mins

- Approx. 225g (8oz. or ½lb.)* floury potatoes (such as, Maris Piper, Desiree, King Edwards, Russets, Roosters, etc.)
- 50g (heaped 1/3 cup) plain/all-purpose flour
- 25g (1oz. or 2 Tbsp) butter
- salt, to taste and for cooking
- oil, for cooking

* these are the resulting weights after peeling
dirligaf2 years ago
Have not had any of these in years since I left Paisley. Gonna make some tonight or tomorrow. Nah, tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe.
You're welcome! Thanks for the comment - it's made my day! Hope they work out well for you! =D
flamesami2 years ago
hmm...My mum and I call this "potato cake" and we usually use something like this: potatos left over from last night, mashed plus a bit of oliveoil and the same amount of flour. mix in milk to get a dough then whack into a frying pan with a bit more oil if necessary, squish out to fill the pan and fry. cut & serve with butter melted on top, if you want.
It usually comes out about 1cm thick
This one looks pretty good Tracy
I'm wondering if these taste similar to lefse only much thicker? Anyone had both to compare?
rocklocker2 years ago
No there isn't. I was just kidding around. My wife and I were in Scotland for a wedding this past July and I loved it. Had my first taste of Haggis and I fell in love with it. We can't get real Haggis here because lungs are not permitted to be sold as food here. The people there were real friendly. Had a few G&T's with our host every night. The wedding was at Dundas Castle and the place was amazing,I am a history buff and I thoroughly enjoyed all the old sites that we don't have here. Will be trying your potato scones as soon as possible. Take care.
Yeah, I figured you were pulling my leg haha.

Fantastic! Did you visit the rest of Edinburgh during your stay? I’m from Glasgow myself.

Yeah, it’s a shame they still haven’t lifted the haggis ban in the US...

Thank you for such a lovely comment. Can’t wait to hear how you got on with the potato scones.

Best wishes.
rocklocker2 years ago
I'll have to pop over to Tescos and get some HP sauce for these.
There's Tescos in Illinois? ;)

Potato scones and HP = my personal favourite! =D
Oh, now I want some. They sound like the best comfort food. :)
Definitely comforting – and making an Instructable and a video was a great excuse to make them three times in two weeks. =D