Potato Shapes!





Introduction: Potato Shapes!

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Every year we plant numerous potato plants in our garden. Butter-ball potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, even purple potatoes! 
One year we had a very special potato! It was a Heart Potato! 
Another year we had another special potato! It was a Butterfly Potato!
These are the pictures of the legit potatoes that my family grew/made!



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    Thanks! Have you ever eaten a purple potato?

    I don't recall if I have.

    They are the awesomest thing to eat because of their radical purple color! They don't taste too great though! :D (this is not my picture)


    Have you tried purple (Okinawan) sweet potatoes? They're even more purple, and delicious.

    i have eaten a purple carrot and a yellow one

    Mmm... I have had yellowish-whitish carrots!

    Very nice ible! I love the heart! Thanks for sharing this and have a splendorous day!

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    Yeah! Thanks!

    Um, sorry, but I am going to ask you to remove that ^^^

    Hahah , that's funny I saw one like this me too ! :P

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    :D Yeah, they are pretty legit!

    You should re-plant the potato to see if it makes more!
    "happyjo's heart shaped potatos"

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    :D That is a wonderful idea, except that we already ate them! Next time maybe! :D

    Thanks! Please vote when the contest time comes around! :D


    Your welcome! I will vote when the contest comes around if can remeber!