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Introduction: Potato Stamped Gift Wrap

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Gift wrap can be quite expensive, depending on where it is purchased. It can add an additional $3-$5 to the price of a gift.  Did you know that you could make your own? If you are not able to get brown paper bags, it is possible to use this same technique on freezer paper or even newspaper.  This is a great project for any age, even small children would enjoy making their own gift wrap with a little help!

Step 1: Supplies

Brown paper bag, scissors, paring knife, acrylic paint, small plate and potato.

Step 2: The Paper Bag

Open the bag and locate the seam. cut down at the seam and cut bottom off bag. Place bag on a flat surface, printed side down.

Step 3: Making the Stamp

Cut potato in half and carve a simple design in one half. Triangle, square or diamond. discard the pieces of potato about 1/2" around it. Leave enough below the design to grab on to.

Step 4: Paint

Now the fun begins! Dip the potato stamp into the paint and drag off any excess. Press the stamp onto the paper straight down and then straight up again. Do not drag. Dip into the paint again as needed. If you choose to paint with more than one color like I did, Allow the paint to dry before beginning the next color. Continue stamping until you are pleased with the final design.

Step 5: Wrap Present

Place wrapping paper printed side down on a flat surface and put the gift on top of this. Trim paper as needed. Tape around gift. Tie coordinating ribbon around present.



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    Very cute! I sometimes can't find my favorite gift wrap but making your own pattern will completely solve the problem. Also it's recycle.