Step 6: Afterthoughts

After making this dish, I suddenly thought of an easier idea that would be easier for kids.
Make a potato mountain and dig a hole in the middle. 
The rest of the mashed potatoes can be eaten separately or added to the side of the volcano.
This delicious fun dish has been an amazing enjoyment in my family, in sharing it with you, I hope you feel the same.
That looks really good. I'm excited to try it. :D
how about adding a little trick using baking soda to the sauce? <br>I think the sauce have enough acid (from tomatoes) to react with baking soda to produce little gas explosion there to make it like a real erupting volcano. <br> <br>Fill the hole with the sauce until nearly overflow, then add little amount of baking soda right before serving. Hopefully, the stream of CO2 produced will make the sauce flow out of the hole.
I am getting hungry
Thanks for sharing
LoL I love your background image.
Thanks for sharing.
Did you try eating it? o.o
of course, seriously, it tastes good
That looks delicious and like a really fun idea!

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