Step 2: Cutting The Potatoes

Cut each potato in half then take one of the halves and cut at a diagonal from the outside to the centre. Then cut them pieces the same way in half again.
I use store bought chicken seasoning on mine,nobody has to know,and they are good too.
This is a great instrucable. Thanks! I've found that first mixing the oil and spices together in a very large mixing bowl, then adding the sliced potatoes to the bowl and tossing (by hand or with salad tongs) will coat the potatoes evenly. Add a film of oil onto the baking sheet with a brush or folded paper towel (or use an aerosol spray such as Pam) and the potatoes won't stick to the sheet.
Ziploc bag works as an easier mixing bowl. Also provides good storage so kids and such can just pop them in the oven whenever they want a snack.
YUM!! This will be my favorite! Thanks!
I am going to use Old Bay for seasoning.
GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!!!!. I am going to try them now. Thanks for the post.
Try putting the wedges in a plastic bag with the oil and shaking them up. This coats them pretty well. You can also add the spices at this time or spice them on the sheet.
Delicious instructable just looking at it. I'll have to try these. I'm thinking red potatoes. Thanks for posting.
Hi jkdabrown; <br>I love these potato wedges. <br>I've been doing similar wedges for years. <br>Just a suggestion: <br>When I do mine I use a large covered skillet over a very low flame. <br>I arrange them all &quot;Skin Side Down&quot; with a drop or 2 of oil on each. <br>The advantage is the starchy potato flesh never sticks to the pan and nicely browns. <br>It's permitted to have a bit of blackened area on the skin. Actually a plus. <br>My affectionate name for these is &quot;Burnt Potatoes&quot; <br>Anyway, keep up the good work! <br>redrok
Hi redrok thanks for the suggestion sounds good!
To make them like traditional &quot;Jo-Jo's&quot;, just add Cinnamon to the Pepper mix.
That sounds nice will have to try that tip, thanks.
Can you be more descriptive with the 2 tbsp's of oil? Do we just put it in the tray to do we spread it on top of the the wedges?
Hi saumpro I have now edited this step with more detail. Thanks for the feedback.
I like mine crunchy, so I roast them for 10 minutes at 450, then turn them and give them another 10 minutes. And I usually use red potatoes.

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