How to build this silencer.  works well in turning the loud crack that a potato cannon makes into a low" poomph". This silencer works by taking all the excess pressure behind the potato, and slowly releasing it before the potato cannon exits the barell.

Costs around 15$ to 20$

Step 1: Materials

Heres what i used. (this is based off of a 2" barrel diameter.)

-One 2" to 2" coupler.
-Two 2" to 4" coupler.
-A lot of cotton.
-A piece of 4 inch pvc (or abs) pipe.
-A piece of 2 inch pipe.

<p>This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.</p><p><a href="https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/1Zs3c" rel="nofollow">https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/1Zs3c</a><br>..</p>
I made one with a barrel length of 14 inches and the outer barrel is 8 inches long and it is 1.5 inch barrel by 3 inch chamber. I filled it drilled a lot of holes with fewer on the outside like you said and i didn't have cotton balls so I used steel wool instead. i've tried it out and I can't tell really if it works. Is that a way to make it that would work?
this thing is awesome :D from now on im gonna add this to all my spud guns so my neighbors dont keep freaking out when i show off to my friends.... :P&nbsp;
agreed. <br />gonna put this on new potato canon iv'e been dreaming of... <br />breach loading... <br />auto mode... <br />mounted on snow tank.. <br />etc.
Pardon my bad English use a translator. I am from Uruguay, I worked for me to make a pipe muffler with a 3 &quot;diameter and 12&quot; long.<br>A single camera half is empty and half filled with center hole washers projectile size, and outside pipe size of 3 &quot;inside .. the potato passes through hole washers .-<br>The washers are separated by small pieces of pipe 1 &quot;long to complete the other half. A washer is on top.<br>the result is very good.<br>greetings and good work. Juan Jose
I think I'm going to try building this so the cops won't show up next time and take the potato cannon away. :(
I would also reccomend not gluing the parts together but using duct tape or some kind of temporary way to hold them together. After about 500 shots or so my cotton went bad and i had to repack it.
I recommend other people who are planning making this, not to compress the cotton inside too much otherwise air wont exit before the projectile comes out. 2nd Make a lot of small holes on the smaller tube and large holes on the larger tube. This is is a photo of a real gun suppressor. But this design still works.
I'm so sorry my grandfather teach me how to make a real gun silencer and this is a wrong design. But it may still silence a gun but has a low reduction in sound :))
You're correct. This design would not work as well on a real gun but I find it to work great for a potato cannon. Potato cannons have slower projectiles and more gas to be released so the design is altered.
Yup your right. BUt making this silencer longer will reduce a lot of sound. Anyway I voted this a 5 STAR
Yea thanks for the rating. as for my cannon I definitely would see more sound reduction if I would have made it longer. It all depends on the size of the potato cannon. <br> <br> <br>
it would be better to add a socket to thred (threads on outside) to the silencer then add a socket to thread (threads on inside) to the barrel so you can screw it in or unscrew it.
yea that would work too. i was just going for simplicity.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;Hmmm, screw on one would be quite amazing. Also opens up to other addons (flashlight, laser, larger pojectile etc.)

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