Step 11: Step 11

Sew through all layers of the top edge.
<p>Thank you so much for posting this Instructable - these bags are very popular with family &amp; friends - I've made several of them out of everything from cookie &amp; cracker bags &amp; candy wrappers to coffee bags &amp; condom wrappers (never again - sooooo slippery!! LoL) &amp; even the Coke wrapper off a six pack of cans, &amp; of course, chip &amp; cheezie bags ... I've made them padded too to hold cameras &amp; cellphones, notebook laptops &amp; iPads, &amp; even a shaving kit from a large Starbucks bag ... Such a fabulous ideal - the possibilities are endless ...</p>
<p>The Goldfish bag is super cute!!!</p>
<p>Thank you -I love this instructable &amp; these bags were super fun to make :-) ... Each bag was by request so all were a like a little different creative piece each time - the teenagers love them!</p>
<p>I think these are great pickpocket-proof/travel wallets.</p>
Hello, i love this project, i was wondering if the vinyl you use is the sticky stuff used to cover books, like giant sellotape, or is it regular unsticky vinyl? We have both types here in Ireland and im not sure which would be best. Thanks!!!
Eek, sorry, I didn't see this question until now. I used the regular unsticky vinyl. Hope that helps.
This is a super-cute idea!! It's spring break and I'm having a &quot;stay-cation.&quot; I think I might try to make some of these!!
Hello, <br>Thanks so much for posting the instructions for the pencil case. My mum helped me create a &lsquo;Salt &amp; Vinegar&rsquo; pencil case and I absolutely love it! Before the school year started I placed it in my school bag, and tricked myself more than 3 times thinking that someone had put a packet of chips in my bag. <br> <br>I love creating wacky/unique pencil cases and last year I cut my denim shorts, sewed them and had that as my pencil case. I think I like the chip bag more because it is really different, and my friends have never seen something so cool before. <br> <br>Thanks again for posting the instructions. Love Charlie :) xx <br> <br>PS: Now all my friends at school want one as well :) <br>
Great idea!! Now i know where to put all my <a href="http://www.uhike.ru">pencils</a> =)
Great idea !
Five Stars for making best from waste! God Bless. <br><br>reg<br>ketan<br>-------------------------------------------------------- <br>&quot;May the good belong to all the people in the world. <br>May the rulers go by the path of justice. <br>May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing. <br>May all the world rejoice in happiness. <br>May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth. <br>May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears&quot;<br>---- Vedic blessing <br>
Cool project! Does it make a lot of noise? I would add an inch or so of material on the side opposite the zipper and use a three ring hole punch to punch two holes, and put it in a binder.
material of course get it at your leading craft stores
&nbsp;Ah, I love it! :)&nbsp;<br /> And~ I was wondering, though, what exactly is vinyl?&nbsp;
What kind of vinyl is used? Where do I get it?
i am so gonna make this when i get the time and materials! gives me an excuse to buy some junk food! :D how much can one of these chip pencil cases hold? and durability?
What a handy idea. Thanks for sharing.
I searched high and low for instructions like this when I saw a coin pouch made from a Skittles wrapper and now....(cue angelic choir singing) I've found just what I needed. Thank you for taking the time to post these instructions and pictures (with dial up no less!!!!)
Cool recycling. I'd like two label fronts just for the colors. Loved your large wording on the pictures. Easy to read for tired eyes.
Yay!!! I saw this on the 'Craft:' blog, and I've been hoping you'd post it here. Now to go get me some Fritos...

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