Potato on a Stick





Introduction: Potato on a Stick

This is a very challenging Instructable that is not for the weak: physicsally or mentally.

If you are brave enough to take on the challenge and you succede you will have a very awe inspiring creation.

Step 1: Chose the Potato

This step is VERY important. Chosing the potato for the project can be very hard. You should use the potato that best puts the word "Potato" in your mind. Now that you know this go ahead and chose your potato.

Step 2: Chose the Stick

Now it is time to chose the Potato stick. I went out and got some high quality Potato sticks from Japan. (I actually went there to get them) I chose the best of the two and prepaired for the next step. You will be able to find potato sticks in the price range of FREE-$2,000.

Step 3: The Connection

Place your Potato and Stick next to each other. Touch the point of the Stick to the Potato and push. The Potato and Stick are now one.

Step 4: Finished

You now have something of great power that few people have, A Potato On A Stick (P.O.A.S.).

Use your Potato On A Stick for good and not for Evil.

(Make sure not to keep it to long or it will rot and get moldy)



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    i used this potato on a stick as a pleasurable stick up my piss hole

    It only took me 500 tries and bags apon bags of potatoes but i finally got it once i found out that i was using a low quality onion stick, silly me

    Total life quests fulfilled I can die now at age 315342634163426

    anything on a stick is good:)


    Everytime I try to do this it bursts into flames after step 3. What am I doing wrong?

    instructions not clear, got penis stuck in microwave

    Thank you all for the supportive comments! Glad I could share the magic!

    lol love your sense of humor !

    My potato on a stick looks like an onion. I think i did it wrong.