Hello, today I am going to share my recently made MAC 11 here are some details. Unlike the real gun it is not semi-automatic but has a magazine and true trigger. It's average range is around 30ft which is good. I think it is about the right size and looks accurate. I built two magazines, a short one and a very large one. If requested I will post it.
i beg you, post this ;-;
I liked this one
i know im about a month late (am i pregnant (lol jkjk im a guy) n i was wondering if you had made an instructable
No unfortunately not. I'll probably rebuild it soon though. Congratulations on having a baby.
sounds good =)
Okay, I'll post it.
cant wait to build it
They should be up tommorow!
Or not, sorry.
its ok
Hey thanks man!
Nice job man!
Thanks, anything in particular?
Yeah, what type of K'NEX does it shoot? Oh, and it needs a trigger guard. (XD , I already said that to you.)
Whatever, trigger gaurds get in the way to much. And it shoots grey connectors. =#
NICE JOB!!!! Luv the gun i think you should post Nice mag in the handle im gonna build if you post 4.7 stars XD
Thanks, yes I will post post this!
Looks really nice! XD

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