Potatoes & Eggs





Introduction: Potatoes & Eggs

Potatoes and Eggs

Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 10-15 minutes

*My grandma use to make this dish for breakfast or lunch, it's one of our favorite foods! It is an easy and cheap meal to make and clean up!

Supplies:(pan, knife, small bowl, whisk and cutting board)


6 large Potatoes

8 eggs

half an onion

bread for toast

vegetable oil

salt & pepper

Step 1: Cutting Up the Onion and Potatoes

Step One- Wash and cut up 6 large potatoes with the skins left on in any shape you want. (They cook better when they are thinner.)

Step Two- Chop/mince half of the onion.

Step 2: Potatoes

Step Three- On the stove set a pan on medium heat and coat the bottom with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Place the potatoes and onions in the pan. *Add salt and pepper to taste.

Step Four- Cook the potatoes 10 minutes + until they are tender.

Step 3: Adding the Eggs

Step Five- While the potatoes cook.....crack 8 eggs into a bowl and whisk.

Step Six-Once the potatoes are tender, add the eggs.

Step Seven- Stir after a few minutes and let simmer until eggs are cooked.

Step 4: Ready to Serve

Once eggs are cooked serve with toast! (Great reheated too!)



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