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In this instructable I tell how to make a simple and cheap potter's wheel for fun. It was going to try myself in the potter's craft and not for the professional activity. On this reason all was going quickly and crookedly :-)

Step 1: What We Need

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The main thing is hub and brake disc with bearing.

Step 2: Lets Begin

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From brake disc cut upper bearing seat. From hub cut off the cone and shorten it. Weld cone in our base. Install bearin and install brake disk.

Step 3: Invent Further

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Weld the side racks. Weld the nuts to the brake disc to fix the shaft, which will have a working table. In the quality of the shaft I used a broken shaft from the SDS+ crown for concrete. To the shaft we weld the second conical bearing. Install cut upper bearing seat on a horizontal crossbar at the required height and welding it together with base.

Step 4: Make Work Table

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Cut a circle from a plywood. Make a fixing plate and fix it to the table with bolts. –°ollect everything together and get a simple potter's wheel. Further I plan to install the electric motor.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-11-22

What kind of motor do you plan on using?

Something small, at 220 volts. Probably from an old washing machine.

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