Introduction: Pottery

These are some various sculptures that I have done. The skull, dog, and pineapple came out of the Kiln yesterday. The skull is Raku, along with the twisted thing and the second to last pot. All the other pieces are salt-fired.

The camera didn't pick up the details of the skull much. :(



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So not an instructive...just a brag post?

These are very amazing! I am amazed at how you got the perfect shape of each individual finger and the hand as a whole! Thanks for sharing!

these pieces are truly great! are you planning on writing any instructables about it? I would love to see them!

Great job! How do you get that "oil spill" effect (spectrum)?

It's a Raku glaze. The pottery is fired in a small kiln and taken out while it's still red hot. It is then placed into a bin filled with newspaper. You can only get an idea of how the glaze will look, so It's always fun to see the end result. Below are some "test tiles" I did.


cool! if it was a little smoother I would have thought it was metal. Yeah, unfired glaze is almost clear

lol some of the colors you're seeing are metals! ...in my exprience with glazes (fairly extensive) i've never seen a glaze that was clear before firing . . .do you remember the name?

Sorry, I don't its been about 5 or 6 years....

rats! that would have been fun to try

Yeah, I want to make a kiln in a year or two when I finish th house.