I built a 2' x 8' potting table with sink several years ago BIE (Before Instructable Era). There were no photos taken during the assembly but I think the step-by-step directions with the current photos will do.  

This sink has proved indispensable in keeping mud and dirt out of my house. I use it for hand washing, cleaning mud off boots, and cleaning bird feeders, flower pots, tools, etc.

Step 1: Background

Here's the boring background story. You can skip down to the materials list in the next step and you won't miss anything important but I do make a few references.

It all started when I asked a contractor friend to save me a stainless steel sink the next time he rehabbed a kitchen. A few weeks later, I arrived home to find in my driveway, a sink – complete with faucet, attached to an 8 foot section of laminate counter top.

I supported it using “L” brackets and 2x4's for legs. I hooked up the faucet to my outdoor faucet using a washing machine hose and an adapter. The drain was (and still is) hooked up to the french drain bucket.
By the next year the the elements had taken their toll on the counter so the braces and decking boards were substituted.

A few years later the faucet died so I switched to copper pipe.

A few years after that I found a great deal on the laundry sink.

Excellent. I had wanted something like this and your instructable will be helpful. Also, I had overlooked the possibility of placing it to the outside of my deck. I think that would work very well. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks.  This side of my deck is shielded from the street and  my neighbor's view by a privacy fence so if (when) I leave a mess, I'm the only one who sees it!

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