Potty training a dog can be easy with the right methods. In this tutorial I will teach you a different approach to potty training your dog as well as tips on grooming your animal with chemical free products. I have included a nutritional recipe to give your pets and some things to consider when choosing a breed. The video I found is totally awesome! A must see if you are a pet owner! It is hilarious!

Step 1: Potty Training Your Dog

Many people make the mistake of punishing their dog when potty training them.
The dog is wondering why are they getting punished for something that is natural for them to do.
When training your pet, I recommend training them with a more positive approach.

There are certain times when a dog has to go potty.
Train them around those times for a better approach.

  • After they eat.
  • After they drink.
  • After they wake up.
  • After they play.

Grab a treat and go outside after they do these things. As soon as they go reward them with a treat, pet them, and say good boy/girl!

If they happen to go potty in the house and you catch them in the act, say in a nice voice "outside." Then take them outside (remember the treat) and reward them before they come back into the house. Pretty soon they will get the hang of it.

When I first got my dog she was 6 months old and was potty trained. She had one problem though. Every time I came home she would wet at the front door. I was not happy about that and I knew I needed to correct the problem. I finally put some treats in my purse and before I opened the door I would have one ready and she soon figured out if she came outside she would get a treat. I would walk away from the door out on the grass and give it to her and then she would do her duty. Another thing I learned was: I never bent down to pet her when I first got home. She would wet as soon as I bent down to pet her. It is a dogs natural way of being submissive. My method did not hurt her feelings and it was very effective. I don't have the problem with Desi going potty at the front door anymore. I can bend down and pet her with no problem. She is a dog that will look you in the eye now because I think she is more confident.

Feeding and watering the dog at particular times of the day helps with training. Remember they go after they eat and drink. This is a good way to train a dog on command.

Positive re-enforcement is the best way to train an animal. Reward them and praise them when you see them doing something you want them to do. Too often we give them the bad attention which produces bad behavior and we don't reward the good behavior.

Train them using their natural habits. It is easier on the pet and not as frustrating for you. A dogs natural habit is to chew, dig, and bark. Give them chew toys when you catch them chewing on your shoe. Say "mine" when they are chewing on your shoe and "yours" when you give them their toy.

Crate training is a very good method.

If you work and the dog is an indoor dog put them in a room where there is no carpet.
Use a child gate to block off a kitchen area. Letting a dog roam when your trying to potty train them is not a good idea because they wet on the carpet and that odor stays there for a very long time, even if you clean the carpet. Setting a timer is often a good thing to do to remind you it is time to let them out.

I hope some of these tips might help you in training your dog.

I came across this video that was so totally awesome! I had to share it here because with good training you can teach a dog to do what you want. This is a good example of loyalty and good training!


The silvery blonde dog is very pretty. What breed is it?
We love our Schnauzers. This is my daughters baby! They are very loyal dogs and enjoy the company of their owners.
Oooohhhh, so CUTE!! Love your Instructable! I'm following. :)
I used to have a Pomeranian until we moved. They are great dogs!
Aww soo cute!! can i have him??? pwease??
The Best place to get a dog is a rescue!!!! I got all my dogs from there!!
I'll bet they have shown their love to you many times over for that! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.<br>Sunshiine
Get your dogs from a shelter and save a life!
Thanks for supporting shelters and sharing your thoughts. Have a beautiful day!
Featured! That's fantastic! You always have great ideas. Love it!
Waste not want not. Love this idea!
Did you watch the video? I was curious if you enjoyed it? The kids and I loved it. Animals are so amazing! Bring a lot of joy to their owners world of chaos!
Thanks for commenting! I wished I had known this trick a long time ago.
When I potty trained my puppy, I set reminders in my pda for every two hours between 7am and 11pm. I also hung a metal bell on the front door that the dog could reach. Every time the pda reminder went off I would leash up the dog. Ring the bell and say 'garden wee wees'. If my puppy had an accident in the house I would do the going out to the garden routine. After a few months, my dog could then ring the bell to ask to go out. One problem was, we live in a flat and she is very nosy, so she would ask to go out when she heard someone on the stairs. I then made a new rule 'cool down' if the dog rang the bell but did not do her business then the bell would be on cool down for 15 minutes. She got the idea very fast.
I love the bell idea. My daughter had her Retriever trained to ring the bell to go out side. It was very funny when he became persistent! He was the best dog ever! So smart! We all miss him very much.
Desi is really cute!!!
Thanks! We wuv her!
Very good instructable, and nice dogs! We see that you love them.
Not all these dogs are mine but they do belong to my kids and my sister and myself. They are all spoiled and loved very much! Thanks for commenting!
Thanks! She is such a great dog! I heart her! Thanks for commenting! Have a stupendous day!
Very nice ible. Praise is really important.<br><br>If you say the word &quot;potty&quot; when they are going potty outside, puppies learn to associate the word with the action, too.<br><br>Pretty soon, you take them outside an say &quot;potty&quot; and they will go, even if they don't have a full bladder. <br><br>
Thanks for your comment! Good point! My dog goes on command! She does not bark to go outside. She has been a great dog! The only time she has had an accident was when she was a little sick. That does not happen very often. I have had her for 10 years!

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