I am working on building a travel trailer/tiny home, and we wanted some additional seating.  As one needs to make efficient use of space when designing small, the idea of having poufs with storage inside seemed perfect.  They fit under a table for easy storage, and have a decent amount of storage space inside as well.  I'm pretty excited about them!

Step 1: What You Need

1/2" plywood: this would all fit in one 4x8 easily.  I used scraps lying around.
25" of 2x4, or 50" of 2x2 for the inside support.
15" x 15" of foam (I had 3" around and used that, if I were buying it I'd probably go thinner).
2 cheap 14" IKEA pillow forms for additional padding on top.
Fabric for cover (I had two pretty pillow cases that I used for the top, and bought 1 yard matching fabric for the rest, fabric not pictured).
hinges/1/2" screws for hinges.
screws for building the frame (2" or 3" works fine).

Table saw/miter saw (or whatever you have to cut wood)
Orbital sander or sandpaper
Sewing machine
Staple gun
Glue gun

<p>I made this with different dimensions (width is 2 ft, height is 1.5 ft with top on) and no hinge. I screwed in wood blocks into the top to keep it in place. I also did it without a sewing machine by using a staple gun (3 staples are visible from the outside of the ottoman, but the pattern camouflages them well). Love it!</p>
<p>Awesome! Thanks for sharing, it came out great!</p>
An electric knife makes fast work of cutting through thick foam.
Those are so pretty!! I would just suggest prewashing &amp; drying the fabric, hemming or using fray check on the edges of the fabric, if it's prone to fraying, I know by experience. I have had fabric fray that I stapled to an ottoman &amp; I learned my lesson, lol. I will definitely be favoriteing ur 'ible, it's wonderful!
<p>Thanks for the tip! </p>
Fantastic job, Natalie! :-)

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