I stumble upon of poultry watering nipples on eBay, and bought a few. I found some leftover sewer pipe, and a closure piece for it. Enough to start with.
I put them together quickly (jah - had some wrestling with that bend piece).

Step 1: Materials


- 160 mm diameter sewing pipe. Its length isn't important. Choose the length what fits your chicken coop, chicken tractor, etc.
- Closure piece for the sewing pipe. Matching size and type of your pipe
- Bend piece for the sewing pipe. Matching size and type of your pipe. It have to be between 90° and 67°. If it less, then the water will come out, and you can't take advantage of the capacity of the pipe.
- Poultry watering nipples. At least a few what you need. The longer pipe you have, the more nipples you need.
- Drill bits. A smaller one for pre-drilling, and a bigger one what matches for the nipples
- Measuring tools, and pencil or marker
- Saw. A jigsaw machine is better.
- A little piece of sandpaper
- Another materials for hanging it onto its place

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