POP! That is what happens when you open the door.

Step 1: Stuff You Need: Pin, Popsicle Stick, Tape and Balloon.

Step 2: Build

Tape popsicle stick to pin.(like in picture)

Step 3: Build

tape stick with pin on to top of door .(like in picture)

Step 4: Build

tape to wall.(like in picture)

Step 5: Done!

now wait for some one to walk in the door and POW!!!!!!!

Hahaha, clever idea! :D
<p><strong>Thanks</strong>, I was just wondering can you tell me about contests.</p>
Well, you enter some ibles and if they're good enough and get enough votes, you win prizes!
<p>Do you know when there is a contest for a prank? Is there any prizes?</p>
<p>I meant to say, what kind of prizes.</p>
It not sure but you can easily find them under the contests section. I mainly use mobile so I am not sure where it is on desktop, I'm sure it isn't too hard to find though!
<p>To find the prizes for each competition, (on a laptop) just scroll down past all the entries and you will see the prizes! :)</p>
<p>Great job, I love it!</p>

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