Picture of Powder Coating Glass Bottles
Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which polymers or plastics are applied in a dry spray. Typically, this process is used for metals, but with the right preparation, it can be applied to other materials such as glass or wood. Powder coating is much more durable than most conventional paint, and creates a thick and even coat. 

You'll Need:

01.  Glass bottle
02.  Sheet of aluminum foil
03.  Simple green
04.  Scrub Brush
05.  Wire to hang bottle (about a foot)
06.  Powder Coat
07.  Powder Gun
08.  Powder Coating Oven
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Step 1: Prepare Oven

Picture of Prepare Oven
Turn on the oven according to the temperature provided by the powder you are using. 
In this case, I used Columbia Mirror Yellow that cures for 15-20min at 375-385°. 
Heat oven to 15-20° higher than your curing temperature, as there will be a lot of heat loss when you open the oven to place your part in it (Just make sure you remember to turn it down to the correct temperature while the piece is curing).

The oven can take up to an hour to heat up, you can prepare the rest of your materials while waiting.

Step 2: Setup

Picture of Setup
To set up powder gun:

01.  Attach Air Hose
02.  Plug in Gun
03.  Attach Ground to Rack
04.  Clean/Attach Powder Receptacle
05.  Attach Powder Feed Line to the Gun
06.  Turn on the ventilation to the booth.

See Powder Coating Basics for more detailed instructions
probetox2 years ago
Looks amazing and beautiful, I definetly will try it!
It looks very nice. Great design!!
MR..2 years ago
Noice! Gives me a couple ideas on upcoming projects. Thanks!
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Thanks for sharing! I will have to try this sometime. Have a great day!