Picture of Powder Coating a Fishing Reel
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14, 2:37 PM.jpg

Thought I would share some more of my experiences in powder coating.  I have been scouring the house and shop for anything metal not too heavily bolted down and powder coating it.  This time I grabbed a Penn Model 111 2/0 senator that was lying around that had some severe corrosion on the chrome parts.  The 111 is a classic reel for west coast USA salmon trolling.

The plan was to experiment with a fancier multi-coat, muti-color scheme of Lollypop red over light chrome.  This is a more difficult paint scheme as the translucent red will show defects more readily. 

I made it at Techshop:
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Step 1: Prep

Step 1.   Blast off the old chrome down to brass.  Sorry, no pictures of this.  Anything with threads holes had a sacrificial screw wound in, the  spindle was covered with several layers of  tape,  and then into the sandblasting cabinet for the  garnet (sand) abrasive treatment.  Chrome came right off, which is not what is supposed to happen to chrome plated metals in the sand blaster.  Perhaps because the parts are brass underneath and the plating is not thick?  Normal process for chrome removal before powder coating is to take it to the chrome shop for removal via electrolysis.

Step 2.  Outgas bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  May not have been necessary.  I assumed that some corrosion-x or other oils meant to minimize the chrome damage may have leached into the brass.  After parts cooled, I washed with simple green and air blasted dry.



What is the rough cost of coating a Penn?

Thanks for the Instructable.

Do more!

dogtooth (author)  Ricardo Furioso5 months ago

The materials cost is negligible. However you need specialized equipment, or need to pay a powder coat shop to do it for you. The work is labor intensive. It will usually cost much less to just replace the reel or parts. I saw a quote for $150 USD for a similar job.

craftclarity10 months ago

Sure looks pretty after the powder!