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Simple Life Hack I have been using for years that makes pouring powders into containers easy.

Please watch the video.

Thanks and as always.... Enjoy


grannyjones (author)2017-09-27

I like instant tea, but mixing it into cold water takes FOREVER. I took an extra Sodastream pump/bottle (they discontinued cream soda--BOO) I did the math, so one pump makes 4 oz tea, and keep it in the fridge, ready for really instant tea.

smoubaraki (author)2016-02-29

it's not working for me in my phone

tinamcclain (author)2016-02-29


ShadowPatriot90 (author)2016-02-28

Im sorry, but what video? All I see is two pictures

The first image is a picture. The second image is a video. Please let me know if it is not working for you. I want you, and others, to be able to watch the video. Are you on a computer or phone?

Printy (author)CHARLESCRANFORD2016-02-28

It's not working for me either. I'm on a mobile phone.

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