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Introduction: Power Bank

Hello! friends

Welcome to my another rechargeable power bank. In this project i'm gonna show you how to make your own power bank by using car charger.

So let's get started.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

With the help of this circuit diagram we can build our own power bank.

If you are using simple 9 volt battery you just follow the second picture of circuit diagram.

If you are using rechargeable battery then follow the first picture of circuit diagram.

Step 2: Material

You'll need

A car charger

9 volt recharable battery (but i'm using simple to just show you)

9 volt battery jack

Switch spst

1n4007 diode

330 ohm resistor

Red led

Female pin connector

Data cable

Jumper wires

Hot glue

Step 3: Disassemble

Open your car charger very carefully and take a circuit from it and remove the all other parts.

Step 4: Soldering

Take a circuit board of car charger and soldering the +ve and -ve with piece of wires.

Step 5: Making Holes

Make some holes according to your fitting.

Step 6: Fitting

I'm just using simple 9 volt battery (don't plug the charger) but i replaced it with recharable 9 volt battery later. Fit the all components in a box make sure all connections are working properly according to the circuit diagram and put some hot glue on a components. Now your power bank is almost ready to use.

Step 7: Finish

Now connect the data cable with your power bank and then connect the other side of the data cable with your smartphone push the button "ON" you can see charging is started of your phone.

Another benefit of this power bank is you can also connect your usb internet device (Wingle) with it.

I hope you guys like it.

I'm sorry about previous pictures its really dangerous. I never connect a li-ion battery in series again. If i need to connect a li-ion cells in series i definitely use a balancing circuit with it. I really thanks to my instructables friends they were help me alot show me a right path of using li-ion battery.

Again thanks you guys are awesome......;)



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    how would you recharge the 3x18650?

    This is a dangerous way to attempt this with the circuit you've provided. When charging Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries in series, you must include a balancing circuit and supply only 4.2v max to prevent overcharging and/or overheating your batteries.

    Battery packs that contain multiple cells in series (such as laptop batteries) have the balancing circuit and everything else built in to them.

    You could always charge them one at a time, but you'd still need to keep an eye on them using a voltmeter to ensure they didn't overcharge.

    Be cautious with these types of batteries, they can explode and burn you or your house down if you're not careful.

    Don't let the CyberSafetyNannies deter you from sharing great projects such as this... They are always around ready to piss on your ideas..

    Go away troll, please...


    In no way did I try and deter him from sharing his project, I simply tried to warn him of the dangers he could face. It's a great project to learn the ins and outs of batteries, charging and so forth. Maybe he'll get lucky and manage not to hurt himself, maybe not. A balancing circuit would ensure that he didn't. Sharing this is how you learn, and sometimes people offer advice in order help it progress. That is what the site is all about, yes?

    Before mud slinging and name calling you should have working knowledge of the topic at hand. Don't take my word for it, Google "charging li-ion batteries in series" and see what you come up with. Maybe then you can actually contribute to the discussion instead of coming off as childish and ignorant. The CyberSafetyNannies could possibly save you from a trip to the emergency room, or at least give enough pause to research a little in contemplation before charging blindly ahead.

    That IS trying to deter him

    No that was respectful warning to those who might duplicate something that is faulty in design and is very real hazard. In the event that would deter someone from posting their projects, they are to thin skinned to be posting in the first place. Perhaps you may do well to be quit and learn from those who could teach you something. As the person who posted this projectdid, as any intelligent person would. Kudos to the author for being one of those intelligent persons and editing their post

    That IS trying to deter him