Power Cord Life Hack





Introduction: Power Cord Life Hack

Tired of detangling the power cord every time you need to mow the lawn or bust out the string trimmer?

Have an unused garden hose reel sitting around collecting dust?

Here is a quick & easy, down & dirty way to get that power cord sorted out!

Step 1: Secure Power Cord to Hose Spiggot

Old Garden Hose Reel
Power Cord

Grab your old garden hose reel.

Tie or secure your power cord to the old spiggot attached to the garden hose reel.

( There are various ways to do this. This way is expedient & gets the job done... but you can also attach a permanent bracket or other forms of securing the cord)

Step 2: Reel Up Your Power Cord & Done in One!

Once you have attached the power cord ( a simple loose & gentle knot will do in a pinch)
Simply reel in your power cord with the garden hose using your thumb to keep it in line and....

No more tangled power cords!!

You can even hang your upcycled garden power cord reel on the wall to save space as well!


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Good idea,just don`t put too long a lead on the line as this can lead to it melting together on the reel if not fully unwound and causing a fire.

Whoa! was a bit concerned about that. Thanks so much!

maybe it's time to do things the old fashioned way and just mark the cord with a black felt tip pen!

I actually had this happen to me ,didn`t bother reading the warning sticker on the reel ..... prat that I was :>

tosser that i am... posted an ible about it!


Am glad you are alright! :)
I always unwound the cord fully when using the electric lawnmower... but who wants to chance an electric fire.
The new power cord clips or simple loop & pen method might be better.
Maybe this ible should be submitted for The Epic Fail competition.

Excellent idea! I attach the socket end in such a way that the saw/drill/whatever can be plugged in when fully wound, then wind it up. That way you plug the cord into the outlet, carry the reel to the tool/device that needs electrons, and plug it in. No need to unwind the entire cord that way.

Thanks so much!

I do a lot of stone or wood works outside & the portable power reel is great, like you said, with angle grinders & power tools.

And it's nice to save time & get in the shade after a long day's work.