Picture of (16) Power Distribution Panel For Pluggables
To plug in any of the Pluggables, any of the equipment that is modified to not use a Wall Wart or Batteries, needs to have a Power Distribution Panel to provide the proper Voltage to operate.

If you plug in any of your equipment to any but the proper Voltage you Will Burn Out The Unit.

An item that works on 12 Volts can be plugged directly in to a 12 Volt Battery.
An item that works on a Lower Voltage needs to have that Lower Voltage provided to properly do work without burning out.

So what I have here is a Power Distribution Panel that provides 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V and 12V.

Each of the different Voltages starts at the 12 Volt Battery and goes to 5 DC to DC Converters.

The DC to DC Converters are connected to switches with indicator lights.

When a DC to DC Converter is switched on, an indicator light goes on and power is routed to it's outlet through the panel mount fuse.

In the picture notice the 6V light is on.

That Converter is routing power to run a radio I modified to be plugged in to this panel.
The Flood Lights can be plugged in to the 4.5V outlet.
All the power comes from our Solar Panels to charge the battery bank.

To date I have modified LED Flood Lights, The Radio, a small LED Flashlight, a Blood Pressure Monitor and a Small Battery Charger for  AAA's  AA's, C, D and 9V batteries.
The 12V Battery Direct Plug accommodates two Amateur Radios and anything else that runs on 12 Volts like the charger for my E-Cigarette Battery.
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