Step 6: Mount the Servos, Battery, and Arduino

Picture of Mount the Servos, Battery, and Arduino

Zip ties are used to mount the various electronic components.

The motors were attached to the mounting plate first by using some rubber cement (optional) to keep them in place, and wrapping and tightening them as much as possible with the zip ties.

Note that most of the ties thread through the space between the mounting plate and the shoe.  As my zip ties weren't long enough in some areas, I combined two together.  After the servos were in place, I trimmed down the ties.

Beneath the motors, the battery case is mounted in much the same way, power switch outward.

Finally, the Arduino board can be attached.  The holes line up with zip ties on both side, and is held in place by screws attached to them.

Before attaching the Motor shield, some modifications must be made.