Power of Makeup




Introduction: Power of Makeup

1. First I moisturized and primed my skin using the Maybeline Instant Pore Eraser.

2. Then going in with my foundation I blend this all over my face making sure there are no lines.

3. I then used my Maybeline Fit Me Concealer and used this to highlight my face. I applied this under my eyes on my nose my chin and my forehead. I then set this using my laura mercier setting powder.

4. I then contour/bronze my face using the bonjour contour kit.

5. For eyes I used the BH Party Girl After Hours palette. First I sued a grey to blend into the crease of my eye.

6. I then applied a white to the lid of my eye and blended the two colours together.

7. I then added a black to the outer V of my eye and also blended this in.

8. I then used the same grey and blending this into the lower lash line.

9. I then curled my lashes and applied mascara.

10. I then added my favorite pink lipstick.

11. Using the collection brow kit I used this to fill in my brows making sure i brush them into place first.

12. Lastly I use my collection highlighter and apply this to my cheek bone.



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