Step 5: Adding the raised details

Picture of Adding the raised details
To add the raised details I first drew them on paper and sized everything against the helmet itself.  Then I cut it out and traced the patterns onto craft foam and hot glued it onto the helmet.  I then sealed the foam with wood glue and used joint filler to fill in the gaps where the foam pieces met and sanded it smooth.  At this point you can prime your helmet once more to see if there are any imperfections to sand out.  

This would be a good time to add the hardware for the helmet to open.  I used the smallest hinge for a cabinet I could find from the hardware store.  Just add it at the very top of the helmet where the two pieces will meet and follow the instructions that come with the hinge to install it.  

I also used two clasp closures on both sides of the bottom of the helmet to keep it closed tightly.  
dstanley62 years ago
hi, do you have a template or anything you used for the raised parts?
You really list all tools and ingredients to the list. You left out the drywall compound, joint compound and some other things. Also what primer did you use to make it look so shiny green in the third picture... it is hard to follow instructions when they are not complete...? I am not trying to be rude but if you could list all you used in the list part that would help a lot.... I would really appreciate it if you would take time out of your schedule and fix them. It would help a lot of other people too. but it was very well done... i give you 4.5 stars out of 5.