Power Tower (plans) - Electricity Generation From Solar, Wind and Water in One Device





Introduction: Power Tower (plans) - Electricity Generation From Solar, Wind and Water in One Device

Just a quick plan for a Power Tower.  it is a tower that can generate electricity from flowing water, wind and solar panels.  It is based on the premise that there is always one of 3 things happening on the planet at any given time: water is flowing, the wind is blowing or the sun is shinning.  A land-based tower can also be built that generates electricity from wind and solar only.  Please feel free to use this for your own projects. 
Please note that each turbine is meant to rotate on its own axis independent of the other.  They are not connected to each other.  ie: when the wind blows, the wind turbine does not affect the water turbine.



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Keep them on the same axle. Put one generator coil in at the top in an easy to maintain location (under a hinged solar panel, for example) and make the wind and water turbines capable of spinning freely when in reverse rotation. Your turbine blades should maintain a singular direction spin no matter which angle the air/water current passes them. So with a simple gymbal, rachet, and pawl system per turbine on the axle shaft, you'll have less parts to maintain over time. Build to the specifications of any medium/large marine buoy and anchor it in your preferred body of water.
It's a great concept. Are you testing your own prototypes?

If I understand what you are saying, with a rachet system it is possible to have them spin in opposite directions at the same time on the same pole. This was what I meant when I said "on independent axis". Thank you for the information - I am not too familiar with building rotating turbines.
Thank you for the compliment - at the moment I am not testing a prototype, but once I get a little more money together, I hope to do so.

One note, instead of stringing the electrical line over the top of the water, consider laying cables to avoid marine craft collisions.

Good point; will keep that in mind.

you could combine this https://www.instructables.com/id/downspout-generator/ for the land unit to utilize rain for more power..

Thank you - I will have to work on a small prototype version at some point.

cool idea, but the turbines should be seperated, because there would be much energy wasted because of air/water resistance ;)

Each turbine was meant to rotate separately. I will make an update to the plans.

ok, i thought they are both on the same axis ;) sorry!