Don't let the zombie apocalypse or a power outage leave you in the dark. It's easier than you might think to keep your flashlight and other battery-operated devices running even without the proper number of batteries.

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<p>I've seen things like this before. It's a cool idea.</p>
not wanting to sound negative but<br>if the foil contacts the case and + terminal, by by battery<br>if too thin, it can tilt or crush becoming unusable<br>my idea would be to place a smaller penlight led flashlight inside a larger flashlight capable of also holding a second set of batteries, match tube, etc (like a large 3 d cell flashlight)<br>just saying you never no what or how long the emergency will be, so be prepared like the boy scouts say.
<p>Bravo ! Another tip for my _&quot;the big one&quot; (earthquake. I'm on the West Coast)_ bug-out backpack. Good info, thanks ;-)</p>
<p>I may have a aluminium foil but not battery intrigues me.</p>
Wouldn't the battery knock back and forth, slowly flattening the aluminum foil ? probably use something sturdy to reinforce the foil. Cardboard, small pipe.
<p>To make it even more usefull, what I like doing is permanently downgrading the bulb on a big maglite to accomodate 1 less battery than what it took initially ( a 3-battery bulb in a 4-cell lamp for example), and then replacing the missing battery with a small container containing a basic survival kit topped with a strip of aluminium tape for conductivity and sides wrapped in duct tape.</p><p>That way you mostly loose battery lifetime, but not much brightness, and will never be caught unprepared :) .</p>
<p>good idea.</p>
Good idea. One question though. Can I still use the tin foil to keep my cookies from sticking to the pan?
<p>so cool</p>
<p>This probably won't work with LED flashlights as most of them require a certain amount of voltage to work, but for all the incandescent types it's a good trick to keep in mind.</p>
Very good! Bravo bravo im going to try this out thanks! Pretty cool
<p>Great! Always helps to have done it before. </p>
<p>Cool hack!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Very well documented. Good work. I clicked on &quot;favorite&quot; for this one.</p>
<p>Glad to hear it=]</p>

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