<p>Awesome plans, thanks for the hard work.</p>
Step 6 and 7 are the same. The designs have everything, except the arm for the hammer itself. I believe that is step 6. Or Sheet 6 of 17.
Nice plans but as said above, no text. Perhaps this might help...http://www.appaltree.net/rusty/index.htm
Its actually called an oliver hammer if im not wrong..the springs prevent the hammer to come crashing down on the work piece like so...&gt;
Again, a wonderful and interesting thing, ans again the same problem, NO TEXT. Please, please, PLEASE put down some text in every step describing how to build it. I WANT a power hammer, but without critical details like what the parts are and the relative sizes of the parts, I AM TOTALLY UNABLE TO BUILD THIS.
i remember seeing plans for something called a donkey, or trip hammer, press the foot lever, the pivot changes, and the hammer comes down, let go and it goes back up, some metal bars, and a long spring. sure, it'd be a lot of stomping, but there would be no messing around with electricity.

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