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Introduction: Somne of My Knex Guns

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THIS is the gun i made which is fun for anyone which uses the large rubberbands that postman use its a great design realistic to look like a real but but no its multi colur which is leagel on the streets this is a great gun which the rubber bands are great and its FUN for the FAMILY & KIDS .yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go klutz



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    I think it has something to do with star wars.

    and u just noticed and Jedi Academy is the best online star wars game ever

    Actually it says: No Weapons

    For some reason I can understand that, but it also sounds like they want to get around all the knex gunners in here.

    i have a rubberband that looks like that one but more thick

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    ok for some reason i know alot of ppl that like Sonic: Marksman from Jedi Academy. Tails from Jedi Academy. Miles Tails Prower from Instructables.knex i love yes (me) from instructables. SuperSonic (me) from Jedi Academy and SuperSonic12 (me) from filefront

    I like sonic too, Sonic adventure 2 was the best in the series.

    also heres proof that i like sonic

    sonic.jpgPicture 1.png

    Depends on where you live. Here in Holland all shops that sell office stuff (pencils and paperwork and stuff) have them.

    my friends dad is a postman so i ask him and for a £1.00 i get a box of 1 hundred so thats how i get them

    your missing a lot more, but aim a member of SEGA, cant beat that can you

    sure you know about sonic but not as much as me!