Picture of Power your cell phone off just about any battery.
Ever had your cell phone battery die and have no outlet around to provide any juice? Here's the solution!

Step 1: Get the parts

Picture of Get the parts
You'll need the following:
jimmy dean6 years ago
I recommend throwing one 220uf capacitor between Vin and Gnd and another between Vout and Gnd
trebuchet037 years ago
Good hack in a pinch :) I have a cell phone missing the charger - I just hook up 6V from a power supply directly to the charging connector and away it goes. An alternative that doesn't require a power regulator by using the one on board :)
Kention3 (author)  trebuchet037 years ago
charging my phone requires some crazy crap for my phone...something about pin x and a 165k ohm resistor
Moto phones are weird that way. I found that you can just get a cheep off brand car charger at a gas station (or ebay) and it has the necessary resisters in the plug just chop off the car end, connect it to 5 volts and it charges right up.
Moto phones are weird that way.

I'm not convinced that's accurate - the phone I've been charging directly is a Motorola. It might not apply to the Razr, but it surely isn't under the blanket classification of weird moto. I've also charged Nokia phones that used to have super special requirements for charging - despite the screen saying "unauthorized charger" the phone still charges (it just doesn't indicate progress).

Now, just make this run off of a 12V battery, and we've got a product for the developing world.
sorry i should have been a bit more specific the ones with mini usb ports generally wont charge without a special resistor in the connector
Kention3 (author)  trebuchet037 years ago
i can make it run off a 12v, or a 9v or a 5v or an 18v,etc. Using this same piece of hardware(though, the chip broke off of the board)