Ever had your cell phone battery die and have no outlet around to provide any juice? Here's the solution!

Step 1: Get the Parts

You'll need the following:
I recommend throwing one 220uf capacitor between Vin and Gnd and another between Vout and Gnd
Good hack in a pinch :) I have a cell phone missing the charger - I just hook up 6V from a power supply directly to the charging connector and away it goes. An alternative that doesn't require a power regulator by using the one on board :)
charging my phone requires some crazy crap for my phone...something about pin x and a 165k ohm resistor
Moto phones are weird that way. I found that you can just get a cheep off brand car charger at a gas station (or ebay) and it has the necessary resisters in the plug just chop off the car end, connect it to 5 volts and it charges right up.
<em>Moto phones are weird that way.</em><br/><br/>I'm not convinced that's accurate - the phone I've been charging directly is a Motorola. It might not apply to the Razr, but it surely isn't under the blanket classification of <em>weird moto</em>. I've also charged Nokia phones that used to have super special requirements for charging - despite the screen saying &quot;unauthorized charger&quot; the phone still charges (it just doesn't indicate progress).<br/><br/>Now, just make this run off of a 12V battery, and we've got a product for the developing world.<br/>
sorry i should have been a bit more specific the ones with mini usb ports generally wont charge without a special resistor in the connector
i can make it run off a 12v, or a 9v or a 5v or an 18v,etc. Using this same piece of hardware(though, the chip broke off of the board)

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