This a very simple Instructable I thought up last night. Reusing and creating a piggy bank out of an empty Powerade bottle.

You don't need to use a Powerade bottle, anything with a lid large enough to fit a quarter is good enough, this is just what I had on me at the time.

Step 1: Materials and Creation

The materials needed are:

1) Empty (Powerade) Bottle with lid
2) Dremel

That's all!

What you do is trace a rectangular box on the lid of the bottle, and use your dremel to cut it out.
Sand the inside of the cut if you like.
Sure Instructables is used for spreading new and wonderful ideas, but I really don't think cutting a slot in a bottle should be published to the internet as a tutorial...<br /> <br /> But what I want to know is why this is licensed under by-nc-sa?!<br />
&nbsp;I like the instructables robot guarding your money. Maybe the HQ should keep one of these as a tip jar.

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