Powerbank DIY 12000-16000 MAh 2.1 Amp 3D-printed With LED-flashlight





Introduction: Powerbank DIY 12000-16000 MAh 2.1 Amp 3D-printed With LED-flashlight

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Hi everybody! Im sick and tired of all these small and ugly powerbanks that doesn´t have capacity enough to even charge your cellphone once. So this is how you make your own that you can customize with diffrent lids with a capacity up to 16000 mAh. There is an assambley-video step-by-step on the youtubechannel.

Solderiron - https://goo.gl/SE2Kiz

Solder helpinghand - https://goo.gl/nwfH0x

Cutting Plier - https://goo.gl/HxB7kO

3D-printers - https://goo.gl/OHhp14

Bill of materials:
USB-PCBCARD - (2$) https://goo.gl/L0R7sK

Batteryholder - (2,5$) https://goo.gl/Z8Y3ob

Batteries 4000 mAh - (13$) https://goo.gl/aR71OZ

Step 1: Download and 3D-print the Parts.

You will need a bottom, a lid and a powerbutton, you can find everything at thingiverse:

I printed it at 20% honeycomb-infill PLA.

Step 2: Assamble

First insert your powerbutton.

Step 3: Solder

Solder your batteryholder to the USB-PCB, red to bta+ and black to bta-. MAKE SURE TO WIRE IT IN PARALELL! like in the picture, else you will burn the PCB due to high voltage!

Step 4: Assamble

Assamble the PCB and batteryholder,insert batteries, try if it work before you glue everything in place!

Step 5: Tight Screws

Tight the screws and enjoy. The outputs and inputs schematics is:
[ 1amp ] [ Input ] [ 2.1 amp]

You may also use it as a LED-flashlight two fast clicks on the powerbutton and the LED lights up.

There is links for all the part on the youtube-page and on the thingiverse-page-

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    Nice 3D printed case, although you used the fake UltraFire batteries that are only 650mAh. you can see the fakes by the "Sheef-life around 10 years" Measure your actual capacity and you will see.

    1 reply

    I know, those were only for visualise how to do, i have other better ones. Best regards

    Does this have simultaneous charging? I would like to have a Raspberry Pi [draws 1.5A] to the USB-out and allow charge the power bank overnight but let the RPi run continuously. Good work! Case looks great!

    1 reply

    sorry it does not :/

    I'm guessing to recharge it you need to open it up and replace the batteries inside is that correct?

    4 replies

    you dont have to take it appart to charge it, use the micro usb-connector. I dont have it right now, im on vaccation, but its something like 8x 14 cm

    Last things: does it need to be ventilated and do the batteries need to be rechargeable

    no need for vent, yes they have to be rechargable

    And also what are the dimensions?

    what is the sizes of each part

    Nice design, but you cant get more than 14000mAh on 4 batteries (LG 18650 3.5Ah), everything else is fine except you could maybe add where you bought your converter

    1 reply

    thank you, i put the links at the first step now :)

    you can find a cheap one here for example https://goo.gl/SE2Kiz :)

    thank you! :) glad to get some feedback, cant wait to my next instructable :)