This is a small electric-powered aeroplane that flies in a circle when suspended from the ceiling.

You will need:

Foam to cut the aeroplane parts out of
An electric motor
A small battery or power source
some copper wire
Thin string or Fishing line
A propeller

Step 1: Cut the Aeroplane Parts Out

The title says it all, draw or trace the fuselage, wings and tail of the aeroplane you want to make. Then cut the 3 pieces out and cut slits out for the tail and wings. I also made a small propeller cone but it isn't necessary.
Actually with a little 30 mah one, you might actually be able to fly it for a brief period of time
Like the p 40 rendition! Thought about a 1S Li-Po battery? Seen them for as little as $3.
Isn't it too heavy to fly?
It hangs on a string from the ceiling and goes in circles.

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