Introduction: Powerful Begginers Pistol

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This pistol shoots pretty far and is very powerful.The parts you will need are,
2 rubberbands
13 red connectors
4 blue rods
3 red or orange rods
5 green connectors
2 purple connectors
1 orange connector
1 green rod
1 white connector
4 white rods
and 2 grey connectors

Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

The main part of the pistol.You will need,

Step 2: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

The part of the pistol that you hold.You will need,
4 red connectors
4 white rods
2 grey connectors
2 green connectors
and 3 blue rods

Step 3: The Pin.

Picture of The Pin.

The power to the pistol.You will need,
1 white connector
and 1 orange or red rod

Step 4: Putting It Together.

Picture of Putting It Together.

How to put it all together.You need,
the barrel
the handle
the pin
and 2 rubberbands

Step 5: Loading the Pistol

Picture of Loading the Pistol

Pull the pin back and push up the trigger then let go of the pin and load the ammo.Then pull the trigger down.

Step 6: YOUR DONE!

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Please send me mods if you have any.


DJ Radio (author)2009-08-12

Please dont post these simple guns, there are too many of them, and they give us knexers a bad image.

KnexMaster7000 (author)DJ Radio2009-08-31


Knave125 (author)KnexMaster70002009-09-01

I'm not a great builder yet,I don't even know how to make a true trigger gun

Knave125 (author)2009-08-13

All i can make are simple guns but i just made a pretty good one.

smilee (author)Knave1252009-08-13

Does it have a true trigger? But use REPLY button!

Knave125 (author)smilee2009-08-13

No it doesn't look at the side of the gun there's a trigger there.I'm not that good,I mean I can't make triggers yet .

smilee (author)Knave1252009-08-13

no I ment the gun you just made you said in the comment

Knave125 (author)smilee2009-08-13

oh sorry no the gun i just made does not have a true trigger

The Jamalam (author)smilee2009-08-13

I think he somehow might be referring to this one. Good, I can't see...

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