Powerful K'nex Pistol


Introduction: Powerful K'nex Pistol

Hello ladies and Gents I am here to present my totally powerful K'nex pistol that shoots so fast that you can't even see the projectile leave the gun. Perfect for strong paper targets and great accuracy. The range is about 15 metres and hurts when shot at someone.

Step 1: Make the Handle

Step 2: Make the Mechanism

Step 3: Make the Barrel

Step 4: Assemble the Parts

You must have a rubber band to pull the trigger forward and 3 or 4 rubber bands that go from the yellow part at the tip of the gun to the projectile.

Step 5: Load the Gun

Load the ammunition as in the two pictures shown.

Step 6: Which Rubber Bands Should I Use?

Loom bands are required for the high power. Any other type of rubber band will not be half as powerful.

Step 7:



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    There are already tons of these kind of guns on ibles. And frankly, the overall build of this one isn't that great. Mostly the handle, but the body is also way too open.
    For a next gun, I recommend you to look around the site a bit, learn from other builders, and keep building.

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    The problem is I am more limited on my amount of k'nex than you.

    Alright, it's understandable when your amount of k'nex isn't that big (mine isn't too big, either, but eh.).
    At least you have something more to hold on to now, so that's good.

    I have made the handle look much better.

    Thanks for the advice

    HARRY - Snapshot_20145241401.jpg