Powerful Mini Crossbow





Introduction: Powerful Mini Crossbow

This is a very small but powerful miniature crossbow that can be used in classroom battles when the teachers aren't looking or just to shoot at people to see their reaction. Please do not leave any rude comments, criticism is okay and questions are accepted and replied to as soon as I can.

Step 1: Materials

1) Five Toothpicks
2) Two Paperclips
3) One Rubberband

Step 2: Tools

1) Pliers
2) Hot Glue Gun
3) Scissors or Sharp Knife
4) Scotch Tape

Step 3: Assembly

Hot glue two toothpicks together side by side. Next, next hot glue one toothpick horizontally to the bottom of the first two. Cut one toothpick in half and glue to the rear of the base and glue the other half to the front of the base like the picture. Cut one paperclip in half and bend into an "N" shape to act as the bolt guide. Hot glue this to the front of the base.

Step 4: Assembly (Continued)

Bend one paperclip into a trigger similar to the one in the picture. Hot glue the trigger piece to the end of the base. Cut a rubberband in half longways to make it thinner then cut to desired length (depending on how strong you want it to be). Hot glue the ends to the tips of the horizontal crossbar.

Step 5: Make the Bolts

Cut the tip off one end of a toothpick then tape the end with scotch tape like the picture. You can make as many as you like and you can fashion a quiver.

Step 6: Your Done

You know have a working crossbow.



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    how do i fire it??? btw really cool

    help1 i don't have a glue gun. ( is there any other way to glue the thing cuz i keep trying to use any other alternativ) bzzz brrr... system mallfuncion

    i edited step 4 by putting a small bit of toothpick through the hole in the middle of the paperclip and glueing the toothpick (not the paperclip) to the end of the crossbow so the paperclip had something to pivot on.

    thats a great idea! ill do that to :P

    I just made tooth picks for arrows and made the bolt guide smaller instead. i thought the idea of tape on it was boring, plus it goes farther! :D

    what do u shoot for it

    thank you!!!!!!!

    i wouldn't of figured it out so thank you very much!!!

     i dont get the N shape thing

    The "N Shaped Thing" is what holds the bolt in place when you are preparing to fire the crossbow.