Powerful Mini Fan Whit Your 9v Battery Box


Introduction: Powerful Mini Fan Whit Your 9v Battery Box

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Step 1: You Will Need

Need: open 9v battery project box, mini airplane fan, 2x 1,5v aaa battery , mini on off button and a strecheble steel pipe

Step 2: The Battery

Conect the + to the - on the 2 batteryes

Step 3: The Fan

Glue the fan and put some black tape ower the hot glue, burn the tape to make it stick good ;)

Step 4: Conect

Put the parts together on the plate on the bottom of the 9v and glue it thogeter

Step 5: Finish

Test the fan and glue it thogeter and you'r finished! :D hope u liked my instructables, maby u like my others? :)



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    Thanks :D

    yah i did liked it thanx for the share