Powerful PVC-Marble Sniper Riffle




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Introduction: Powerful PVC-Marble Sniper Riffle

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My PVC marble gun is made up of 1/2" PVC as barrel, 2 pieces, 1/2" PVC Elbow, 1 piece empty wide mouth & thick plastic bottle, 1 pc. lighter ignition, a pair of wire, 2 pcs. 1"x4" metal sheet, few pieces of screw and a piece of wood formed as a riffle stock.

Additional items needed: 1 pc. plastic sprayer (empty cologne spray),  denatured alcohol, and marbles

How to use: With all the materials assembled together to form a riffle firing is just as easy as eating peanut. Just open the cap of the bottle, spraying 3 to 4 times denatured alcohol inside (depending on the size of the bottle), recap, put the marble inside the PVC barrel, and fire. The result is a very powerful blast that will send the marble flying vigorously fast towards any of your target. You can't even see the marble flew way from the end of the PVC barrel. This riffle can penetrate 1/8" inch metal sheet and can reach up to 600 yards depending on size of the marble if it just fit right into your PVC barrel, smaller marbles can travel less and the length of the PVC. This riffle is accurate even at 50-60 yards. I am using this riffle for hunting birds and so far I am pretty satisfied. I am also in the process of refining this riffle to produce more power and so far I have 3 with different designs and lengths. I case you are interested of my design  I am very much open to share it. The important thing is when you have one, you take full responsibility it.



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    Is it okay to use an aluminum alloy water bottle for the air tank?

    Is it okay to use an aluminum alloy water bottle for the air tank?

    What did you do to hold the marble bullet inside the pvc tube ? Because when I put a marbles inside It falls back when I turn it down.

    2 replies

    after you puted the marble just put a small piece of dust and shake it up down if the marble not moving anymore then it's ok

    Plss reply Instructables

    what is the function of 1"x4" metal sheet?

    Can ericquins make a real legit how to on this project?


    are u a filipino ericquins?
    nice gun....

    me and my friend build that too..
    with magazine...

    it looks like m203 style and AK47 combination...
    on the air tank we used the baygon spray to make it more safer..
    range 50 meters i think...

    DAAAANNNNNGG that's frightening! Especially the gas stove one, wonderous what people can make out of "harmless" objects!
    Great job though!
    Any chances of the barrels ripping apart though? cuz that plastic might not hold out so well for too long xD

    I lol'd at the hunting rifle, did you bag anything with it? and have your canisters ever ruptured on you?

    Those look awesome! I would hate to be in the way of a ricocheting marble or some glass shrapnel!

    2 replies

    No its impossible to happen, due the strong push of the riffle the marble when it can hit hard objects like steel it will just shatter into very tiny pieces-dust like particles, when it hits hard wooden objects it will stick there like a marble implant. But to be sure don't shoot at close targets anything can happen anyway.