Powerful Rubber Band Launcher





Introduction: Powerful Rubber Band Launcher

In this tutorial I will be showing how to make a efficient rubber band launcher out of items found around the average household. It will take you less than two minutes to make this easy project and it will be more than worth the time.

Step 1: Getting All the Materials

The materials you are going to need for this project will be:
A medium sized rubber band,
Two Lego gears,
One Lego cross pole,
And an a4 sized display folder.

The reason you need the display folder is for the spine. I have provided a few pictures to help you locating the spine of the folder.

Step 2: Getting the Spine

All you need to do to get the spine of the a4 display folder is pull it out. There may be some resistance in pulling it out for the first few seconds but just pull it.

Step 3: Assembling the Trigger

For the trigger you will need all the Lego parts required for this project (the cross pole and the gears). Slide the two gears onto the pole like on the picture above. Then, use the spine of the folder to make a gap in the middle of the gears. It doesn't have to fit too tightly, because it should be able too slide freely alone the spine.

Step 4: Loading the Gun

Loading the gun is probably the most difficult thing in this instructable. Put the rubber band around the end of the spine without a bump and pull the band up through the Lego. Then wrap the band around the other side. You are now loaded!

Step 5: Firing!

Simply pull the trigger to the end of the side opposite of the side you want to fire and blam! Your rubber band is flying away! To reload, repeat step 5.



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*whistle* I bet the rubber band really flies! Nice job showing your build, and welcome to instructables!