Picture of Powerful and very easy to make dartgun
This dart gun is very powerful, but extremely easy to make. It shoots very far and is not for indoor use.
WARNING. I am not responsible for any kind of injury!
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Step 1: Getting and cutting wood

Picture of Getting and cutting wood
Cut a piece of wood at least 20 inches long(what ever suits you), 1/2 in. thick, and 1 1/4 in. wide

Step 2: More wood

Picture of More wood
Cut another piece of wood 10 1/2 in. long, 1/4 in. thick, and 1 1/4 in. wide. Then use glue to attach this piece of wood onto the first piece of wood.

Step 3: Clothes pin clips

Picture of Clothes pin clips
Add two clothes pin clips behind the piece of wood described in step two.Then connect both clips with bits of wood and glue.

Step 4: Skewer sticks

Picture of Skewer sticks
Glue skewer sticks onto the piece of wood described in step 2.

Step 5: Rubberbands

Picture of Rubberbands
First you glue two sticks together with 2 millimeter gaps on either side. Next you attach two rubber bands into the gaps as seen on the photo. Pull rubber bands back and put them in the clips. Insert
dart which will be explained in step 6.

Step 6: Straw dart

Take any kind of drinking straw and fill one end with hot glue. Sorry for not having a photo of it.