Picture of Powerful water bottle gun
This is a gun that will bruise the victim at close range.

Step 1: Matierials

Picture of matierials
the materials that you will need to construct this weapon are: a water bottle that is shaped like the picture. (needs cap as this will be your projectile.)
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that gun is not too good.....i think you are lying when you say"it could bruise" The evil chimp
no hes not a guy i knew at school use to shoot basketballs and make them roll
sswartz23 years ago

kylekosan234 years ago
I always do that when I finish my water bottles
if you have some liquid in the bottle it looks cool when you shoot it. on field day my friend and i did that to careless people that left their bottles on the ground. i scoped them out and he smushed them. it was great.
irwinner8 years ago
you know what would work better and make this more practicle, mount a shader valve (you know the valves on tires) on the water bottle to you can pump it up with a bike pump, at 100psi it could send the cap a few hundred feet, and because the bottle wouldn't be crushed nobody would know your gonna shoot them.
Danny irwinner8 years ago
now that my friend would be cool! you could attach a tube to the end to make it more accurate
Gksarmy Danny5 years ago
 or...just make a blow gun? :) haha
wEiRd LOAD8 years ago
How about a 3/8 hole with a shrader valve installed in the cap ?
kokakolakid121 (author)  wEiRd LOAD8 years ago
how about too complicated and it is meant to be done in the classroom
 how bout another ible? :D
Shot myself in the face with this :P
Blue Peter Badge?
boog1235 years ago
i want to make one out of the new 2 liter coke bottles
Jupitane6 years ago
HEHE this doesnt hurt.... i got shot in the eye... i didnt even flinch!
ilpug Jupitane6 years ago
hail conan!! (sarcasm)
This works perfectly with a Cork wedged in the end (Most wine bottle corks are perfect fits) and a few nails/screws or pins or something shoved through the end
Just take an IBC Root Beer and stick a cork in the end. Shake it, and point it away! =P
I did this with a 3 liter cider bottle and dinted a steel street sign!!
I totally doubt that. Sorry.
oh really? wow! didn't know there's intelligent life out there... :-P ROFL
ye right last week i poked a wall and it broke lol
THESTU6 years ago
Cool I should Get more water bottles
get a water bottle and poke a hole in the lid with a pin. not so devestating, but it will last for ages so u wont be wasting to much water.(Australia is in a drought for all u americans)
heatblast7 years ago
hey, if you do this with a 2 liter bottle it'll be more powerful!! Heatblast.
Mojo_JoJo7 years ago
yay !!! it works. Twisted the bottle with both hands then held it against my stomach while I took aim, then with my right hand thumb flicked the cap so that it unscrews quickly. Don't know about the bruising part though, my room mate was not at home :-) We should see how far people can get the cap to fly.
I tried this but it fired once and would not any more, even when it did fire it wasn't powerful. I followed your instructions exactly, did you make a mistake in your Instructable?
to fire twice, just untwist and blow in the bottle. this is not a good idea if its some one elses bottle. you might get mono
SecondSun7 years ago
You didnt invent this did you? Anyway, it would hurt, but only if you shot someone in the eye at extremely short range. Still, a fun way to litter.
allbeef7 years ago
you could take an old cap glue it on to the other one and put a marble in it.
i do that at the pool all the time i did not learn that off this it is cool but it is not accruate and it defently does not brusie or hurt
PizzaPlanet8 years ago
sweet im gonna go do it now
kevin46148 years ago
i have been doing this for years now. i shot bottle caps at sturdy cardboard boxes, and left inch long gashes from the impact. they will easily shoot 40 feet if you can build up enough pressure. the best ones to use are tall, thin bottles. if you have the wide 20 oz sams choice bottles, let some air out to make it easier to twist.
cool this was a grate way for me to lett out pent up agrastion at work!!! pluse the ednles suplay of kroger water bottles........
mat19788 years ago
stupid stupid stupid
clipper8 years ago
Another good idea is to just set the bottle on the ground, put one foot on the bottle to create pressure and swing the other foot onto the cap, you have to make sure you are kicking the lid the right way though
Mr.Devious8 years ago
I think most people know how to do this, and with the giant hands I have, I just twist it in half and pop the top right off. The Axe idea is pretty good, maybe I'll try it some time.
i had a hard time the first few tries (using an arrowhead bottle) but after some practice it finally shot off and left a dent in my ceiling! nice instructable, kokakolakid.
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